🌍 Terraform is a tool from Hashicorp that helps provision and manage infrastructure via code. We can specify our desired Infrastructure, and its configuration, via machine readable definition files. Being able to manage our Infrastructure via code also means we are able to handle our infrastructure in the same way we do our application.

⁉️What is Hoist?

Hoist is a 6 part excursion into provisioning infrastructure with Terraform! By the end of the excursion you can expect to have learned the following:

💵 How much is Hoist?

All Journeys and Excursions on MASTERMND Academy are COMPLETELY FREE!!! You've literally got nothing to lose 🤪.

⌚ When is Hoist?

The next excursion will be:

Mondays and Wednesdays Starting August 3 and ending August 19. Use the calendar below to see all dates.

🗺️ Where is Hoist?

Hoist will take place on the MASTERMND Twitch channel!